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Welcome to the website of Vicky Roden, a Birmingham based multi-disciplinary artist working in a variety of media including textiles, embroidery, taxidermy and in particular Live Art. Her work quite often begins as a response to found objects, stories or unexpected encounters, extrapolating mythologies and fabricating legends out of local tales and old, odd objects.

Roden focusses upon the odd and the uncanny, creating alternate realities where the normal rules don’t necessarily apply together with celebrating traditionally powerful female figures such as the Maiden Aunt, the Eccentric Adventuress and the Staunch Pub Landlady. She also has a long-held obsession with relics and objects of cultural significance, in particular their hold over collective identity, together with the role they perform as a catalyst for the sharing of local folklore.

Vicky Roden is proud to be part of Failbetter at The Old Wig, Great Tindal Street, Birmingham. To book a studio visit, or for any enquiries, please email vix@vickyroden.com


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  1. grumpus138 says:

    Good evening. We (being myself and three other oiks in art education) were given the Great Tindal Street Studios “Heads-up” via the offices of Ikon. We’re on the verge of putting together a group exhibition, and I was wondering if you would have any locations or addresses off the top of your head? Sorry, a big ask, I know. But, if you don’t ask…


    1. Vix says:

      Hello dear!

      Could do with either emailing or messaging – if you search for me via facebook or twitter and then DM me?

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