Winter Show, Site specific sculptures and stuffishnesses

With all the Winter Show gubbins I’ve been woefully neglectful of the site specific sculpture project… although I did find the time to sort out a couple of little projects in that area that i thought were interesting.

Louise Edwards (whose blog can be found here) at college has been doing some really interesting stuff with sandwich boards and placards, which has drawn me to playing with putting messages on buses. Writing and drawing in the steamed up windows has been a great way for me to get things out of my stupid system over the past week, and i had great fun decorating the bus with tiny tiny footprints ;-D


so much fun! On Friday night i wrote ‘Have a good weekend’ on the big front windows, which made me feel nice. Childish, but nice.

Sticking with the theme of simple, site specific artwork I’ve been doing these:

Site: Coffee maker’s brew basket


To be honest, this didn’t work as well as i’d hoped. I might try the experiment again, but make sure the coffee is more thoroughly damp and do it on a flat surface – the basket really limited my ability to manipulate the grounds so in the end i had to keep it simple.

Site: Radiator, my hallway


This came about after a friends mother gave me a sari-length sheet of silk, beautiful fabric but far too delicate for the likes of me! I pinned it three sides, and folded it as i went. The wonderful thing about this one is it’s function – my cat uses the parachute like bulge as a heated tent.

Site: The New Art Gallery, Walsall. Birthday card!


I’ve been working on this for weeks – my first experiments were with replicating the materials used to build the gallery, so wood leather steel concrete and glass, but i really didn’t like the results. the glass worked well, however, and so i used it for this simple version. one of the joys of black card is how it shows every tiny mark, so i attempted to make a feature of a pale eraser mark by using a black felt pen to write ‘you are ten!’ all over it, so the one on the mark will show up slightly better. Delivered it via Costa yesterday, but i thought it was neat.

Anyway, work for the biggie goes on… chicken wire and bamboo anyone?


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  1. lance says:

    ooooooooooooh! nice

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