School Trip to Euskadi

Well, I finally got to see a tiny bit of the world – the college organised a trip to Bilbao, with a day trip to San Sebastian. I’ve never eaten so much fish! Tapas rocks, my thighs ache from the many many steps and my passport will certainly get a lot more use. I missed everybody though, I’m glad to be back and i plan on not being what Burroughs described as a ‘nameless asshole who don’t speak spanish’ next time around. I also got to play on a sandy beach for the first time in years. and i got a pretty dress. and saw some great art in a frosty atmosphere at the Guggenheim. And saw some even better art in a wonderful atmosphere at the Bilbao Fine Art museum. plus i got to go to a couple of local private views, including one in a second hand record shop, which was a lot of fun! all crammed into sixty-five little hours, a damn fine time.

If your the kind of person who can’t stand holiday snaps, navigate away now

Update Coming Soon…


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