Site Specific Sculpture… deadline swiftly approaching

Well, I’m not going to be able to get what i wanted done for my assessment. I can plan it, cost it an hopefully get a 3d version of it done but the actual piece is too ambitious… and now i’ve stopped stamping my little feet and am working on the idea more constructively.

Firstly, I’ve been working on a bunch of models. As well as the mesh based ones i’m also working on fabric dipped in PVA glue and kids modeling clay:

Model 1:


Model 2:


Model 3:


Model 4:


Model 5:


Model 6:

Model one had nearly dried by the time i was done, so at least i can be fairly sure that all the modeling clay ones will be ok. the pva glue ones…. i’m not so sure about. I did use an awful lot of glue. Incidentally, the centres are all balls of tin foil.

My second plan is to create a scale model of the roof of my building in the art room, even aligning it in the same direction as the building is visible from that room in the college. Then i saw this:


which reminded me of the shapes i’ve been playing with for the pennants. this led me into the idea of re-creating the roof with items from my house. The measurements and image from my earlier post ‘I know not which way east lies’ were obtained from google earth, and everybody who has looked up their own address has a little shudder of disbelief when they see their own house, in a photo dated two years ago, and all the memories that go with wondering exactly what you were doing at the time the picture was taken. It feels appropriate to recreate the roof plan from this picture with objects that were concealed by it, suggesting the lives that are occurring under all those  nondescript rooftops. 

And hopefully, if the models turn out well enough, I’ll be able to use them to create a photoshopped version of what the final sculpture would have looked like, had i been able to complete it. What a time for the bloody coffee machine to die…


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