pages from my sketchbook – the next Generation….



The performance art project is really starting to get going – I’ve been working on the ‘bike ride around memory lane’ idea, but the scanning of sketchbook pages has become a little difficult as i’ve been doing a lot of the preliminary work on A1 flip chart pads (all hail the weird and wonderful shit you can get from the 99p Superstore!) So, Photos instead…


Ideally I want to create a 5-7 minute film including a sped-up shot of the view from the bikes handlebars, sketches from memory and photographs from the time i lived at those addresses. Time to start phoning old flatmates… but I particularly like the memory element – it can change the shapes of rooms and the colours of objects, and i’m looking forward to seeing how my memories of places have changed over time even though i’ve never really dwelt outside this area. 

and now, a bit of fun – my workspace;

see y’all


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