404 down memory lane!


I’ve been doing some thinking about this cycle ride around my old addresses, and also thinking about how all bar one are on the same bus route – TWM route 404 from Walsall  to Blackheath. This route also encompasses my Nan and Granddads old house, as well as a couple of pubs i’ve worked in. So, this is my plan….

Today, while the weather is reliable, i’m going to get the bus and take a stroll, with my camera, around where i used to live. I’m also going to get shots of the bus, the relevant buildings, keep my ticket, etc etc. then tomorrow i can start considering using sound recorder to tape a narration…

Also this week I’m planning to write out all my text messages on plain post cards, as in them days when there was more than one delivery per day this was the preferred short message service… just an experiment, but might be fun

see y’all on the red route!


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