Oh dearie me…


Ok, the story so far… there are four teaching weeks, not including the easter holiday, left until the final assessment. Oh dear. We all need to decide on spaces as soon as possible . Oh dear oh dear. Now the after-easter deadline has become…. thursday morning. oh dear oh dear oh dear.

So, I’m cracking on with the celebration of eczema! A triptych, if you will… made up of three sections, one being a performance art piece on a tv screen of an extreme close up of me moisturising, the next being a long curtain, probably ivory or peach silk, embedded with jewel like ball lights,and the last being casts of my arms in the style of the Venus de Milo, made in red plaster, painted white and then distressed to crack the paint and show the red underneath. these will be mounted on a metal frame. experiments!

other thoughts to follow…


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