t-4 teaching weeks until final assessment (codename: brown trousers time)


There only four teaching weeks left at college until my next (and last) assessment – ARRGH! I have a few projects on the go, but nothing that’s really making me think ‘Yes!, that’s the one!’. I’ve been muddling around in my sketchbooks, but not much is going on there – you’ll have the tasty treats of my unfettered mind wanderings displayed on the site soon.

There’s a building next to the college called ‘Wisemore House’, which is a wonderfully creepy derelict house which seemingly has an oxblood red interior. I’m planning on calling the people who run the car park to try to get inside it and get some more images, because the positioning of the windows on the exterior suggests it has something of a rabbit warren inside:

We’ve also been shown around the available spaces for the end of year show, including the learner pods in the LRC which have floor to ceiling windows which look out onto the concourse – i’m sure i’ll be able to  think up something for those.

but now, essay research! anyone got any snippets of ‘Fight Harm’ by Harmony Korine knocking about?


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