the saga so far…


Right. You recall how yesterday I was wittering on about my Thursday morning deadline, argh, etc, blah. Well, that became…. Drumroll… 3 pm today! haaahahahaaaahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

So, rather than work on the other ideas i’ve been thinking about I’ve submitted ‘Under my Skin’ as my proposed final major project… eek. A couple of hastily photoshopped images later…


and the original ‘artistic impression’ (har har har)

The concept is one of finding the beauty inherent in life, particularly where it relates to disfigurement – it comes from a period where my perennial  eczema was really severe, but I have this odd nodular variety so I used to fancy that the nodules under my skin were tiny beads of amber and ruby by holding my arms in bright sunlight, which helped me get through it. The curtain with the coloured dots is a sculpture of my back and arms, and as such the positioning of the glass lit balls i’m intending to use will correspond with my current rash pattern (a sentence i NEVER thought i’d write…).

The TV on the left will play a looped film of my daily moisturisation ritual, but taken so close up as to focus on the constantly moving swirls the cream creates as it’s rubbed in. I’m also intending to filter the footage in such a way as to recreate the ‘vaseline on the lens’ technique used in cheap cinema productions to beautify the actors. The left curtain will be draped around the tv set and stand, and the right curtain will be draped between an imagining of the Venus de Milo’s arms, which I’m intending to make using an alginate mould of my own arms. At the moment i’m planning to cast them in red plaster and paint them white, then I’m going to use a variety of techniques to distress them so the plaster shows through.

This blog will soon be available in viking saga format, complete with inflatable mead hall.


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