chiton on ya


Editing skinflick has been bloody odd. I’ve never been the most comfortable person with my body, and watching myself moisturise, frame by frame, has been… odd. The footage is as unlikely to end up on youtube as ever, and i’ve been working on the Doric Chiton which will hopefully be draped over the statue arms as discussed before….

So, eventually i decided on some ivory chiffon for the actual fabric – while it’s hardly congruent with the period, the transparency lends itself to double sided beading, which would work really nicely with the effect i’m going for. Also, this is ostensibly the garment of a goddess, and the overall effect of the fabric is one of being woven out of sunbeams or gold strands. Anyhow, lets see some pictures:

So far i’m about two-thirds of the way through the hemming, the dullest and most necessary part of the item. I decided to use silver thread, as the cream thread i had is too thick and noticeable (but it was grand for tacking). Next up, the embroidery (although part of me thinks it might be a better call to do the embroidery on ribbon, which i can then attach to the final garment) and finally the beads. arrrgh. ok. it’s all good.

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