SkinFlick Stills part two


Doing more work on skinflick, which is finally shaping up… it’s eleven minutes, forty five seconds long (both sections came in with a couple of minutes of each other, so i slowed one slightly and sped the other up), still as unlikely to go onto youtube, but again i have some stills to put up:

This will be viewable through a variety of peepholes, all obscured in some way (vaseline, coloured acetate, 3d lenses, sheer fabric, etc etc). The learner pods also have a very small window at the side of the room, which will have an unobscured peephole as the position will obscure the view enough. I decided on a white background for the two channels as there are points where the light bleaches out the image, blending it in with the rest of the screen.

Next up – applying filters to the actual footage, fun…


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