decisions decisions…


in reality, i only have a couple of weeks til i need my finished piece done…. arrrggggh. I was going through the proposal i did with one of the tutors today, and i’ve decided to forget the witch from the boiling sea section…. while i’ve done a lot of work on it the concept doesn’t really say anything other than that i’m so bloody minded that i’m determined to make something beautiful out of my eczema, and it’s almost become another way of complaining about it. So, that leaves me with skinflick… fancy a preview?

This is the first twenty or-so seconds with a variety of filters, something i’m planning to expand on now that i have the time to dedicate to just this one project. Also, there’s the possibility that i might not get the space i want, so i’m thinking of presenting it in a mutoscope like the old ‘what the butler saw’ machines which littered seafronts until decimalisation. 

So, comments needed please – let me know what you all think about the different filters. I’m off to research more weirdness’


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