She’s a model and she’s looking… ok, considering.


cracking on, cracking on… have ditched the idea of the plaster-soaked fabric as although it’s do-able it’s not really feasible  (or should that be the other way round? probably should.) So, in collusion with 3D John i’m using mod-roc and a painted fabric skirt. theoretically.


this was just a dry run with the fabric i was considering. I knew it would be prudent to work out what would be going where before i started, and in terms of the type and amount of fabric, i was spot on. the only problems were that i had nowhere to work in until next week, that the plaster would take a at least a week to become dry enough to paint and that the final piece would be quite fragile. So, feasible, but not do-able. That’s the right way around.

So, the joy of modroc! (which really is a joy to play with!)


So far only one layer has gone on – i took it off the stool frame and covered it separately. this way i can bring the piece home on friday and work on it over half term, which will help. i’m intending to encase three sides of the the stool legs in fabric-covered board, but that’s another section of the project. given the four day weekend coming up, i’d rather have it here during that time… but in terms of getting the screen in and the leads concealed things are going really well.

It’s all very odd though – we’ve had to take all our stuff out the rooms, so my space has gone from this:

to this;

very odd. even though there’s less stuff, it’s still an ungodly mess…

by this time tomorrow i’ll be placing a single, half dissected pea on a velvet cushion. or something.


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