introducing the mutantscope


Mwhahahaaaa… the monstrous mutantscope, grown from a frankensteinian laboratory one lightning lit night…. or grown out of last weeks panic and made out of chicken wire and spray foam. The first one sounds more dramatic.

art and expanding foam are hardly strangers – David Shrigley used it to fill a variety of receptacles including tents and waders and it has myriad applications. Anyway, first build your armature:


with this one i knew i’d be better off putting the signage area in to start with – the plan is for enough of the edge to be covered to be able to stick the sign on with blue tack or sticky dots. very high tech. 

anyway, next, find a well ventilated area and cover in spray foam. read the instructions carefully….. 


lots of fun to play with – comes out sort of fibrous-looking, very odd in a wonderful way.

finally – finished article (sorta);


I’m really happy with how it’s worked out so far, although the 33 litres the can promised was a bit optimistic. now i’m not sure whether to top it up or not – it has a really nice shape to it that could be lost if i add to it, so at the moment i’m considering painting it. I’m taking it in to college tomorrow so i can get a bit of feedback from everyone – my next job is to mark out the card for the streamlined version and get that sorted. I’m a lot more relaxed now i’m physically DOING something – things were starting to get a little hectic and i was caught like a bunny in headlights. funny how things work out. 


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