I’ve been an absolute asshole over the past fortnight – i’ve spent so long tying and taping and layering that i lost sight of what was important – having fun with it. The original barrel was primed, sprayed satin black and then gloss red, giving it a deeper, cherry-red finish that made the whole look somewhat obscene – hard to explain, but a picture speaks a thousand words;

It really feels like it’s missing something, and i’ve been thinking of all manner of things including white acrylic paint and melted wax. the wax is winning at the moment though, but i’m holding fire a bit until i’ve finished attaching the velcro for the signage frame.

Thing is, i have a far better idea of what i’m making now, so i’m working on a couple of other versions. One, the mutantscope, came from debating the possibility of covering the original in spray foam. I’ve been working on it today but i’m going to give that one a post of its own…

the other version is currently on the drawing board – i’m making a very sleek, streamlined version out of cardboard. Both versions will sit on a stand customised from a floor lamp.

mutantscope post to follow very soon


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