getting there – no, i really am this time!


the mutoscopes are really taking shape now – the frame on the mutantscope was bothering me, so i’m replacing it with painted sheets of EVA, It looks like it was stored in some eccentrics cellar for years, under the shelf with the leaky mutagen… mwahahahahaaaa. When i look at it i’m disgusted and fascinated – to be honest, my only problem with it is that it might dwarf the film inside…anyway, pictures:

I’m still working on the signage – i was looking at the old mutoscopes and their posters with cathy and alan today, and they vary from the monochrome to the hideously gaudy which really gives me free reign over the artwork – there are so many examples, there’s some that have ornate scrolls and curls that’d make a doily cry, while others are entirely block capitals. I knew i hadn’t finished with the signs yet, but to have it broadcast to me in such vivid technicolour is exhilarating – i still have so much to do and i have a feeling i’ll still be choosing which signs to use at 5:55 on tuesday. Just need to do the David Lynch thing and keep going at it until all the elements feel correct – and like the guy falling from the fortieth floor up to now everything’s ok.


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