the end is nigh!


The private view is tomorrow, i’m putting the finishing touches to the ‘scopes and getting everything together for the assessment. I also have some plateweights for the muto stand which will help. i’m installing myself tomorrow and so far, so good…

D’ya wanna see what they look like now?

i found a suitable piece of metal near wisemore house, the creepy white building with the red windowsills that i put some pictures up of before. because the other weights are tarnished black i’ve painted the found weight, the stand and the base to match. it also ties in the black frame i’m using for the sign. I’ve also resited the work: it’s still in the library, but it needed to be on security camera – the new spot is far more visible anyway, so it’s all grand.

it’s all getting a bit serious


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  1. mrsspark says:

    Think this looks fabulous, and really p*ssed off that I can’t get down there to have a proper squint at it. Do post some more photos, won’t you? Good luck with the show, and take it steady. XX

    1. Vicky says:

      no worries – i’ll re-create a private view the next time you’re up

      hope all is grand with you and yours, will send you an email soon 😉

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