I find private views completely anticlimactic – all the effort and frantic frustration, panic and tension boiling down to a glass of cheap red and a hint of ‘where did all the effort go?’. there’s also the tiny niggles and worries and little things that go wrong that make you think ‘ah well…’. Still – the exhibition looks fantastic, and the mutantscope ran pretty much without issue, although i did discover today that i’ll need to re-load the film onto the laptop every day the exhibition runs.. still, at least it works, it’s all good and my friends seemed to enjoy it. so, pictures from the evening;


As i said, it all worked perfectly but my laptop doesn’t seem to enjoy actually storing things with any degree of permanence – it disappears after a restart, but that’s not a massive problem. I went to the library to retrieve the computer at 4 (that being the time the exhibition ends) and was tinkering when one of the security guards came up to have a look-see, so i decided to add a special sign for when the feature was closed:


So, tomorrow i’m going to be using the other version of SkinFlick with the multitude of filters. I like the idea of altering the feature presentation, feels pleasingly sneaky.


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