Happy Snapper


 My goodness, it’s obvious that i overindulged in the world of blog – what with final projects, abject mutoscopes and essays I’ve had no time over the past month to put up an entry… Ahh well, this one will be a biggie.

On the upside – I passed my HNC! one merit, the rest distinctions and a hard job to live up to my own reputation next year. I’ve also been helping out the minion by customising a jacket for him (which is currently undergoing the rigors of Glastonbury – but who needs buttons anyway!). I must admit that I do find that embroidery mostly calms me down. mostly. Then threads get tangled, strands snap, and the whole thing gets sworn at. But the fabric doesn’t mind. It just sits there patiently until I have time for it again.

So, Photos!


As term has ended I’m trying to organise some summer work to keep my momentum going – I realised over the past week that unless I have at least three projects on the go I start becoming irritable and tetchy. And I start abusing the cat….


pink spotty ribbons – didn’t think i could emasculate the poor thing any further, but never say never. I’ve also been getting some shot of things that have always caught my eye around the house;

Odd Shadow Face

backwards talking midgets in red suits dance beneath this (in my mind)


my wondrous freecycle hospital screen

I’ve also been working on my (ahem) ‘Roof Garden’. It has two plants! While I was getting a shot of that I also took a couple of snaps of some  shadows;


and finally! Damn fine sunrise this morning! (quite by accident I woke up at 4.20) Even before I’d fed the capering coffee monkey I managed to get some pics (it really was a beauty…)


Well, less of a biggie, more of a roll of photographic film. But I’ve caught up with my sleep and I’m making the most of it. I doubt it’ll be 22 days till the next one…


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