Yard Sale!


It’s all starting to get there! there’s a facebook group which is still pretty skinny, but heck ‘n’ blimey it’s still early days. but I did tart it up with a rough little poster thusly:

Like I said, cheap and cheerful. I’m also working on specific proposals for each of the areas and from those i’m going to work on a main proposal for the whole thing… not to mention a free website which should hopefully be functional by the end of the week. But, this is how the Garret needs YOU!!!

Basically, we need people who will happily blog/post facebook updates etc for the next few months. Hopefully the whole shebang should take place late August/early September and we’ll be promoting the hell out of it. This is merely the beginning…

Secondly Artists! we need YOU! Artists will need to be able to do a short statement about their works, etc, etc, will will be put on the website in order of confirmed interest (to save me that alphabetical hassle…) if you can see yourself having difficulties with this then get in touch and sure we’ll be able to sort something-or-other out

Finally for this update; Beauteous Benefactors! are you in a position to provide space/paint/canvas/food/beverages for preview night? or do you have other skills which mightbe useful? If so GET IN TOUCH! The preview and closing nights will be our way of saying a tremendous thankyou to everyone concerned, and everyone who helps will be thoroughly thanked both on the website and in the accompanying booklet.

So, for your reference the facebook group is available here – you can also contact me via this site or by emailing me at fiveandnine@hotmail.com. Just put something pertaining to the Yard Sale in the subject line.

It’s a beautiful summer – let’s make the most of it 😉


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