Box Set


I’ve been working on a bunch o’stuff, including multiples for the Yoke and Zoom condom dispensers. They’re all done! i finally managed to get into my nice creative place and got all fifteen done at a stupid hour in the morning while watching my flatmate manipulate a cowboy hatted, bikini clad samurai sister into offing a variety of zombies.

so: pics:

I just need to get them posted and write a statement to go with them. It’s been interesting working with something that has such an incredible size restriction, which has become the basis for the whole project. What would fit in a box like this? was the first thing i thought, and the combination of the answers and the physical object was really pleasing. They’re also little representation of people, fifteen sets that are technically the same (following the same format, being made of the same materials, being written out in the same way) but each is entirely unique, the each have their own set of answers, they are handwritten, each is like a tiny book four pages long. Also, (as i pointedly used no adhesives) they can be unfolded and re-read, then re-folded to restore them to their former state. They also rely on each other to retain that shape – if they are seperated from the rest of the boxes they become flimsy and fragile.

So, now I’m going to buy… A Box! and desperately hope they’ll fit in the dispenser


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