just another little bit of history repeated


With summer comes the time for the long postponed tidy, including clearing out a cupboard i wasn’t looking forward to. Anyway, i found an old toy knitting machine of mine;

I remember I got this after my nan had the full scale version. sadly the original instructions are lost, but i’m working it out again with the instructions on the actual machine and memory. It’s shocking how vividly such things come back.

It’s also odd as over the years i’ve managed to lose most of my childhood stuff, so i only really have this and my old E.T. (which my mum made me and is beautifully creepy) and this is the first time i’ve assembled it in about ten years. It’s the equivalent feeling to the one i had when i visited my old addresses, but good rather than panicked. The object itself is brilliantly kitsch  too – i especially like the girl on the box who looks like she’s going to a fancy dress party as the chairperson of her local branch of the Women’s Institute. mental! but such a beautiful machine…

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  1. mrsspark says:

    I particularly like the tagline ‘happiness is a hobby’.
    If only you still had the pop-up pirate game we used to use to torture and maim all the Sindy dolls… aah, those were the days.
    Mom informs me she still has the wood-laminated Intellivision in their attic. I challenge you to a game of shark shark but with vodka and foul language.

    Take it steady XX

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