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I’ve been working on a bunch of projects recently – badger biker badges, flickerbooks, a soundpiece for college based on ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’ and a hanky for the RSC art competition. The badger badges are all done in time for my parents birthdays, the soundpiece is coming along, the flickerbook is all done, and now i need to degrade a scan of an embroidered strawberry multiple time for the RSC thing… these things are so tedious when you’re working through them, but the irritation seems to be directly proportional to how good the end result is. Case in point – the Flickerbook of the Flickermob:

My camera died on the day of the flickermob, so i resorted to taking 300 photos of the event to make a stop motion film and physical flickerbook – essentially i ‘processed’ the photos into frames which i then imported into the editing software. The first hundred  seemed to take forever, but after i got past the 150 point it was lots easier (although it’s the most time i’ve ever spent producing a minute of footage). There’s another Flickermob coming up – visit or visit the facebook group here for more information on how to get involved.

So now i’m giving myself furth RSI by using jpegs to degrade the strawberry i embroidered

the premise is based on Desdemonas handkerchief – when i read Othello at school i really related to her unwillingness to admit that she had lost it, a very human trait which recurrs and recurrs time and time again (if you don’t believe me then watch Jeremy Kyle today – the item may not be a hanky, but the distrust and back pedalling remains as prevelant as ever). It’s this kind of thing that keeps Shakespeare relevant, and keeps him on the school curriculum 400 years after his death. So i’m recreating the hanky, degrading the image to represent the degradation of the trust, and ultimately the realtionship, between Othello and Desdemona. Simple, but should hopefully eventually be as satisfying as the flickerbook outcome.

Shall keep you posted,


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