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the next flickermob is nearly upon us, with two days til our journey on all major public transport types! Hopefully the journey will give us an opportunity to talk about the application for the shop at Queens Square in West Brom, as we need to think of some kind of public involvement as part of the application – so far the best i’ve come up with is to hold an open community gallery where people bring in their work, have it photographed and displayed on digital photoframes around the store.  Hopefully, between us on saturday, we can come up with something good.

Talking of saturday, I did some more  work on the painting – the first thing i thought when i looked at it was ‘hmmm, guess who’s been hanging around the Epstein Archive this summer’, so i embellished it with a bit of embroidery and painted over 14 of the lines:

it’s still not quite finished, but i’d rather take my time over it. I also finished the edit for ‘The festival of good things’, although I’m expecting to need to make a few revisions before i’m done with that one.

anyway, onward to the flickermob! more updates can be found on the yard sale blog here 

See y’all


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