Life gets in the way


It’s amazing how quickly life gets in the way – now i’m back at college time has shrunk again, particularly given the proximity of the Yardsale – yes, it’s finally happening at unit 26 Queens Square, West Bromwich, with more details available here. Given it’s proximity to halloween we’re going for that kind of theme, and are even holding a bunch of workshops thanks to the kind assistance of Audiences Central. It runs from 22nd-30th October with the private view on the 21st from 5-7.

But yes, back to college – now that my DV camera is dead it’s given me a massive push in other directions – I was concentrating on the moving image too much – not that there’s anything worng with that, but i wasn’t experimenting with still images and remaining in my comfort zone too assiduously. So, I invested in a digital camera – here’s some early experimentations:

As ever i seem to have a predilection for skies and reflections – i was particularly pleased with the way the looking glass houses turned out.

but, the next week is going to be a manic rush of installing, van hire, private views and installation creation – here’s hoping it all goes to plan!

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  1. sumiko says:

    great pictures! love it!

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