An exhibition sandwich on college, please


The exhibition is over! My goodness, what a hectic few weeks – it went really quickly though, and it was great to get that kind of perspective on the work – not just in terms of the public reaction, with a shopping centre being a very public space, but also in the context of the gallery setting alongside other pieces. I really think we managed to put together a good, cohesive show in the time we had and the experience was tremendously fulfilling – visit to see how it went.

I did find that the Yardsale took up most of my time, so I neglected the drawing project a little while it was going on – it’s starting to get somewhere now though. While we were invigilating the exhibition i spent some time threading Tarot cards onto ribbons and cords, ending up with ten strings which i’ve strung across the wondrous freecycle medical screen:

We’ve been asked to create work based on themes from Phillip K. Dick’s ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’, and one of the areas i’m exploring is the willingness of people to accept tenuous ideas if it gives them hope, vaguely related to the notion of willing suspension of disbelief. So, I’m using two varieties of tarot card in the screen, which will be interpreted according to two different sets of meanings. Two of the medical screens panels will be made up of these strung cards, the other two will be printed fabric, double sided with a translation of the meaning on one and a half of a diptych on the other. The current designs are pen and ink drawings, and I’ve been working on the female section:

The plan currently is to go for a male/female representation of the tarot, screenprinted onto fabric (possibly satin or velvet). Not yet worked out any plans for the bloke, but there’s a couple of weeks til i get assessed, so there’s time yet.

anyhow, enough! all these ideas will have changed by the morning, so i’m ending it here


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