The Screen of Destiny!


I finally got the first panel of the screen done, three times huzzah! I’m tremendously happy with the way it’s worked out, the way the lettering is partially sharp and partially faded and the matt of the type against the sheen of the fabric. This might be the one to finally get the bee out of my bonnet about making something beautiful…

full screen, finally finished

close up of the painting

It was after it was peeled off the backing that it really came alive though, as the paint seems to do very little to restrict he movement of the fabric and it’s free to catch the light again:

peel slowly and see


filtered screen

in situ

The process also left a beautiful residual trace of itself on the printed-out-and-cut-up lettering i used as the outline:

screen print

screen print close up

It gives the type a beautiful texture in places, which i found especially endearing.

So, next I’m doing the second text screen, then it’s on to the diptych. Again, the plans for this have changed – there was no real reason for the Beardsley homage other than how much i like his work, so I’m working on another set of figures which i’ll be painting up at some point next week. then there’s the putting together element, and whether to paint on the red again or if to try blue or green… and I’m running low on experimentation time.

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