Lines of Light


When I got my camera I was really taken by the night landscape setting, which keeps the aperture open  for a few seconds. I started with taking pictures of the moon, and moving the camera to draw pictures with the light:

I was intrigued by the smaller lights from the windows of the houses, and continued the experiment with sparklers:

I really liked the way the camera picks up the movements, how it captures something so random. However, i also liked the patterns the camera created when photographing the static lights of the moon and the street lamp. I decided to take some pictures of a motorway from a moving car at night to try to combine the elements;

i love the way the combinations of moving lights creates these fluid images, they have an oddly organic feel to them, possibly because of their similarity to clouds in the way you can see things in them. It’s also peculiar as this is the information that the eye is sending to the brain, so this is part of what we see when we perceive lights and cars, dashboard dials and cats eyes.


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