in da house (ho hum)


I’ve been doing a pile of work on the ‘Semi Detached Cinema’ – following a group crit i realised that i really needed to do some work on how the piece was presented. I also found that the films i’d been considering didn’t work as well as the Coronation Street DVD I’d picked up, so i’m planning to work with that now.

Given Β the original premise, and that the popularity of shows such as Corrie is partially down to our urge to nosey on our neighbours, i wanted to represent this in the way the piece is viewed. Β I’ve chosen bits of a house that you’d use for low level ‘what are they up to?’ observation, namely the keyhole, peep hole, letter slot and a set of bay windows;

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also have a magnifying glass for the peephole side and a drinking glass to listen in, but i’m not sure if they’ll be needed. Β I’m putting on the roof on monday morning, so i’ll have to see how they work.

so, next up in the meandering whingings of Vix – MONKEYS! (they’re everywhere…)


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