That, Hillary, is An Homunculus!


I had the assessment, half term is coming up, and now I’m working on ideas for the big assed end of year show. Which has brought up another idea – my kerouac scroll.

Being the first thing i did at college, and having already being exhibited twice, it’s become something of a ‘reserve’, an impressive item that i have knocking around that i could keep exhibiting in different ways until the day i die (or it tears). I don’t want to work like that, so I’ve decide to turn it into badges which i’m going to give away.  To be honest, I’m nothing like the person who wrote the content of the scroll anymore, and I’m different to the person who typed it up, so it seems to be a good call to draw a big line under the whole thing.

photo by Hardluck Hotel

So I’ve started a project with the working title ‘Homunculi’. A bit of rough maths suggests that to turn the whole thing into 2.5 cm badges will give me about 1500, and will destroy the artifact in the process. These are going to be distributed in a variety of means, and there’s something quite seductive about having 1500 bits of my psychology rattling around the place.

Updates to this as and when!


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