First to emerge – Nonny Warn, with Navy Cherry and Pyrite Tannin


“He thought there could be nothing finer

than to pilfer all the tea in china.

In India he thought it large

To Covet the Assam of the Raj”

Extract from the Voyages of Pyrite Tannin, read by Nonny Warn

Nonny tells stories. She came out of the nan photograph, had tea and make friends with ol’ CM, who has sensibly given up pornography to help her.

She told him a sad tale about Navy Cherry – it seemed only right to give her a screen test, and Tom Smith was running his bunker in Digbeth, so we went down there and took some footage;

Now she’s written another story about Pyrite Tannin, one of the mystery names, as well as one about ‘Mistress Must and Mistress Should’. She likes that she can be a moving picture, and is also making some others. She doesn’t like children. These are unlikely to be children’s stories.

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