infestation… now in progress


The Monkeys go a Capering!

Not long ago I went to a coffee shop with ol’ CM. Mitch, The Fine Fellow who runs it, came over to say hello. Some discussion was had about the poppets, their meaning and caperings, the little tales and tails, and how they don’t enjoy to be cooped up in a Garret, with no new friends to make or places to caper.

So Mitch invited any willing simian to caper around his place for a while – he has BIG WINDOWS for them to peek out of, and lots of people to say hello to, and the scents of coffee and frying bacon and baking potatoes to amuse them.

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So the simians went down to say hello – and they caper there still. Each has it’s own little bit of myth attached to it, and they’re all over grins! Some have made such good friends that they went home with them, which is all good too!

So if you go down to Coffee Comforts today, you’re sure of a BIG surprise! Head over and say how d’ye do!


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