Haniver & Son (or Through a Mirror Darkly)

Vicky Roden and Tom Smith are presenting their first collaboratory work since 2011’s ‘All My Dreams Came True! (but now i have a bunch of other dreams)’. Both artists are concerned with genuine phonies and altered realities, together with encouraging the audience to interact with and react to their work.
“Through A Mirror Darkly” follows the fortunes of the Magic Mirror in ‘Snow White’. Two centuries after the Brothers Grimm catapulted it to fame the pressures of adjustment to the real world have left the Mirror jaded, bitter and eccentric. Now forced to perform as a carnival sideshow attraction to get by, it has been denied the ‘happily ever after’ it has helped so many others to find.
Haniver & Son are currently squatting on twitter @outpostdigbeth – the old pirates they.
for more information on [ S T A T E ]  click here

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