Tuesday 30th April 2013


Blue On Blue

Happy Walpurgisnacht! Its a night of pagan celebration, exactly six months after Halloween, involving drinking and dancing and witches apparently. And that was the ethos of a spectacular gig at The Old Joint Stock.

Not, I hasten to add, because of me, I’m not saying I was spectacular (although I think I acquitted myself very well) but in the original sense of the word. A spectacle was provided.

There aren’t many nights where you can see live music, burlesque dancing, a combative Virgin Queen of May and a hi-tech necromancer on the same stage, and it was all knitted together with superlative aplomb by compere/starlet Nonny Warn. The May Queen bit was a definite highlight but being on between superb dancer Luna C. Fur and amazing torch singer Bexi Owen was pretty cool for me personally.

I like the storytelling/stand-up gigs very much, but it’s a different kind of performance…

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