Callout For A Compendium



I’m currently working on another element of my FMP, “Ms. Roden’s Compendium of the Fantastical and the Mythological” which will be a pastiche encyclopedia of the bizarre. I’m looking for favourite stories, monsters and myths, and am also inviting submissions for entries – if you have an imagined critter, created fantasy world or fraudulently magical object that you’d like to be included then email me:  

The Name of what is being included
A ‘witness statement’ describing the creature. This can be as detailed as you like
A picture would also be useful, but not essential. This will be reproduced in black and white  

If you want to submit more than one thing then that would be absolutely fine and dandy by me – I’m using this as an opportunity to resolve and explore a bunch of half-formed ideas and narratives by giving them as much space as they need, so any level of detail is fine.

The entries will also be published on the website:, and there’s a couple of sample entries on there at the moment. The eventual book will be published via createspace and will be available on amazon and kindle and will contain an index listing for you with your web address and/or email. You will obviously be credited 100% for all of your work and involvement.  

Email to submit entries or if you have any questions.

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