Do You Remember the First Time?


Nonny's Box

On Thursday the Fifteenth of May 2014 ‘PEN‘ was unleashed at the exquisite Pen Museum in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. Nonny Warn, Adventuress, Tale Teller and All-Round Good Time Gal was on hand to ask visitors a very personal question….

“…Do You Remember the First Time”


This was, of course, the first time the visitors had engaged in writing for pleasure. So armed with notecards and a suitable box (and taking advantage of the Pen Museum’s wonderful array of dip pens, quills and ink) Nonny set to work:


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The cards were marked with a found stamp (to prove their authenticity) and preserved digitally or the world to see.

Many thanks to Jon Wilkes  and Sonya Russell Saunders for making this possible!

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