Call Out For Performers – A Samhain Spectacular!


Following on from High Tea And Tales, A Walpurgis Night Of Vaudeville, Nonny Warn will be again manifesting herself this Halloween for High Tea and Tales Two – A Samhain Spectacular! At the Old Joint Stock Theatre in Birmingham City Centre.




  1. of or like a spectacle, marked by or given to an impressive, large-scale display
  2. dramatically daring or thrilling.


  1. A single production featuring well-known performers and characterised by elaborate sets, costumes, staging, etc.

Samhain is the old Celtic term for Halloween, and is essentially the feast of the dead. All manner of ghosts, fairies, demons and spirits walked freely on this night, and we’re looking to represent this in the final production.

The performance will be finalised dependent on the eventual performers who take part, and as such we’re looking for as diverse a variety of acts to perform as possible.

Call Out For Artists

We are now looking for performers to be part of the Samhain Spectacular – including Performance/Live Art, Burlesque, Cabaret, Magicians, Singers, Bands and more! It is hoped that the chosen artists will be able to work collaboratively with the production to become part of the greater show. We are very much interested in the eccentric, the unusual and the bizarre!

There is a small fee of £50 per performer available, but we are currently looking into funding to increase that.

All participants will be featured on the accompanying blog – see for details of how previous performers were listed

To become part of the show email with details of your act/work you’d like to develop, a CV and your contact details with links to websites/footage of previous works by Sunday 31st August 2014.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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