Nonny Warn Presents: A Samhain Spectacular!

Dear All

This Coming Halloween, Friday 31st October 2014, Nonny Warn again becomes corporeal in our realm to perform (along with her Bad Little Pennies) A Samhain Spectacular!

A Samhain Spectacular!

Following the success of “A Walpurgis Night of Vaudeville”, Nonny Warn returns to the Old Joint Stock Theatre on the 31st October 2014 with an exploration of the Horrors of Halloween and celebration of the Pagan New Year. Taking the concept of the variety show (quite literally) into another dimension, Nonny invites you to ‘slip between the veils’ with her in a celebration of Samhain, taking on ghosts, faeries, demons, summoners, witches and other celebrated creatures of morbid mythologies.

Acts - Handbill

With bewitching burlesque, sordid storytelling, macabre music and terrifying tales Nonny is planning an evening of entertainment the like of which Birmingham has never seen! Equal parts performance art and cabaret, “A Samhain Spectacular!” promises to be a wonderfully surreal, sweetly sinister and utterly compelling evening.

Tickets are £15.00 (£12.50 concessions) inclusive of port and provender with performances commencing at 7PM and 9PM

With performances from Nonny Warn’s “Bad Little Pennies”

Luna C. Fur
Luna C. Fur
Rich Stokes
Rich Stokes
Ozlem Green
Ozlem Green
Craig Howard
Craig Howard

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