The Simians Tea Party

It is with JOY AND MOUNTING EXCITEMENT that we can announce that the oft-and-long-discussed SIMIAN TEA PARTY is HAPPENING IN BIRMINGHAM on 4th May 2015.


The Urban Coffee Co, currently home to a multitude of the capering critters, is very kindly allowing Nonny Warn (adventuress, tale teller and vanquisher of Fluff) to host one of her NEAR LEGENDARY SOIREES at their Church St emporium. She shall be instigating the simian storytelling and a VERY SPECIAL TREAT shall be in store for those who attend with their poppet companions. The tea party shall then be followed with a trip to say “How d’ye do?” to the simians capering at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery while taking in some of Nonnys favourite antiquities.

Free to all!

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