Crit Club – 19/09/17


I’m fairly excited to be giving a presentation of my ongoing practice on Tuesday 19th September at Vivid Projects from 6-8pm


Part of Vivid’s very splendid Black Hole Club scheme it gives me the opportunity to present my practice as a whole and discuss current projects and works in progress.

I’ll be presenting a brief round up of the various strands of my practice including poppets, compendiums, cryptids and performances. This will be followed by a presentation of current projects including:

The Cantess – created as part “Where’s Our Spake Gone?” (a project about the Black Country Dialect), this celebrates the local gossip as a source of folk knowledge and community figure.

The Bodge Job – An entirely non-verbal performance subverting traditional symbols of grief and penitence


Memento Mori/Heavenly Poppets – Inspired by the ostentatiously decorated saintly relics of medieval Catholicism and the lionisation of mortal remains.


All Welcome! There will be cake!

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