Hand of Glory (After Walsall)

The Hand of Glory was a mummified childs arm found in the attic of an Old Walsall Pub called ‘The White Hart’. A favourite attraction at the old EM Flint Gallery as a child, this work seeks to revere and lionise it.


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I’ve already used the Hand of Glory as subject matter – see the Roden’s Compendium entry here – but following the example of decorated Saintly Relics wanted to create a piece of work which treats my childhood obsession with near-religious awe.


Materials: Black Pearls, White Pearls, Lapis Lazuli, Garnet, Japanese Gold Thread, Velvet, Antique Wooden Box, Faux Skeletal Hand


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  1. Susi says:

    I am trying to research any hauntings in Highgate Road, Walsall, in relation to the actual houses. I used to live at 49 in the 1960’s. I’ve never forgotten my experiences there as a child. We quickly moved. Decades later, my grandmother informed me the house was turned into 2 flats. Gran, my dad and I, would often talk together about our own encounters in that house. My experiences weren’t negative or harmful at all, but our ‘visitor’ didn’t seem to like the rest of the family in the least. I’ve come across hauntings and figures seen in other well known buildings in Highgate, Walsall, but nothing about the ordinary homes in Highgate Road.

    1. Vix says:

      That’s really odd- i lived in a flat in a converted house in Highgate Road about 20 years ago and I always felt it was haunted – general feelings of fear, occasionally seeing a shapeless black mass out the corner of my eye, that kind of thing. Can’t remember if it was number 49 though.
      I ended up giving the ghost a name in order to try and cope with it but moved out within 6 months.

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