The first appearance of Nonny Warn
The first appearance of Nonny Warn

Vicky Roden is a Birmingham based multi-disciplinary artist working primarily in Live Art and Performance with a taste for the anachronistic and a tendency toward tales. Using performance fictions, various media, found objects and manufactured creatures her practice focusses on creating alternate realities and bubble universes audiences can interact and engage with, and where the usual rules of logic do not hold sway.

Mythology and mankind are indissolubly linked, and Roden’s practice seeks to wed them further by creating assemblages that utilise multiple dimensions and senses. Artistic, filmic and theatrical devices are all present, and the worlds that are opened up to the audience are tangible, accessible and continually tainted with a sinister edge.

While most easily defined as a live artist, Roden’s practice also embraces soft sculpture, embroidery, painting and the written word. She has produced two books, Tea Time Tales with Nonny Warn and Ms. Roden’s Compendium of the Fantastical and Mythological, and often incorporates text into her work.

Recent notable works include “High Tea and Tales – a Night of Walpurgis Vaudeville” and “Tales from the Red Lodge”, performing at both as Nonny Warn. She has also worked with Companis Food Provocateurs at Super Sonic Feast, the Warwick Bar Fete and the Rude Food Fiesta.

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  1. Sam Groves says:

    Hi Vicky

    I’ve been on your blog – very nice, very interesting. I have a blog that I’m looking to spruce up and transform into a fully-fledged website. The blog at the moment is http://www.kino10.com – my plan is to add some ‘what’s on’ mini blogs to it, and add a monthly festival feature – each month we’ll focus on a different film festival in the UK and post photos and an original interview with the festival directors or an article about the festival. Originally I was thinking I’d a ‘what’s on’ in three different sections ‘north’, ‘midlands’ and ‘south’, but I’m beginning to think it might be better and more comprehensive if I focus on what’s on in the midlands (East and West) – essentially, it would be highlighting interesting filmy stuff going on – experimental screenings, archival screenings, one-off showings of silent films etc. etc. Anyway, I’m looking to put together a small team of people who live in various places across the midlands who would be willing to help me compile these events, and occasionally do little blog posts – as you can see if you look at the blog – it’s quite an unoriginal simple formula, post an interesting film and keep the writing fairly brief.

    Is this something you might be interested in? Is it Walsall you live?

    Anyway, let me know what you think.


    PS – forgot to mention, I also put on short film events as KINO 10.

  2. an interesting and fascinating place you’ve created here. I like the whacky quality, the sense of life and exploration. I’ll be taking another look soon, when I’ve got more time to check out more of the films…

  3. Anna Goodwin says:

    Hi Vicky

    I noticed your poppet Simians in Cofee Comforts in Walsall and would be grateful if you would get in touch.


    Anna Goodwin

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