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“When I Was A Child I Wanted To Be A Cryptid” £6.99

Written as part of and an accompaniment to the 2015 exhibition of the same name, this book contains a variety of descriptions of influences, inspirations and instructions. Available via Amazon here





Ms. Roden’s Compendium of the Fantastical and the Mythological £5.99 ($10.00)

A collection of Myths, Legends and Folklore encountured during a period of research at the Broadwoodwidger Museum of Cryptozoology and Mythology, This volume includes sections on Figures and Personages, Cryptids and Creatures, Places and Occurrences together with essays relating to the subject. The Blog of the compendium is viewable here.

To order in the UK Click Here


 Tea Time Tales with Nonny Warn £4.99 ($9.00)

The Thirteen Monsters GLADLY and JOYOUSLY publish Nonny Warn’s first fully illustrated collection of tales, now available online through Amazon and createspace. In full colour and with additional text by Vicky Roden, Tea Time Tales is a wonderful addition to any library, nursery or psychiatric care institution.

To order in the UK or Europe click Here

To order in the USA or the rest of the world click Here



 Bespoke Poppet Simians £90

Ah, Ol’ C.M, with his wonderfully wired grin and the glint of caffeine in his eyes…. But he’s my poppet. Who the devil is yours?

Order your very own poppet monkey online here – whether you wanted the classic red and black coffee monkey or something that reflects your own personal manias is up to you. Whether it’s costuming or an embroidered favourite phrase  your new simian pal will be as individual as you are, and make fantastic gifts for those with a love of the sinister. They’ll be your friend for ever and ever and ever….

For more information visit ‘While the Monkey Capers and Tumbles’ or feel free to email vix@vickyroden.com to discuss your needs. Each monkey comes with a tag of authenticity and a lifetime emergency service – should it become critically injured return it to me for specialist simian medical treatment.


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