Hey Nonny!

Nonny Warn! Incorrigable Adventuress! Vanquisher of Fluff Fluff DeVille III! Teller of Tales (The Taller the Better!)


Nonny Warn is Performance Art construct who has existed since 2012. Arising from a project titled “Thirteen Monsters” she is described as ‘differently corporeal’ and ‘non-linear specific’, slipping between times and places, seeking cursed treasure and generally gadding about. Nonny has been part of Companis events including ‘Lip Service’ at the Warwick Bar Fete, 2013, and has held two evenings of cabaret: High Tea and Tales (A Walpurgis Night of Vaudeville) (2013) and A Samhain Spectacular! in October 2014. She also invaded the Pen Museum in May 2014 asking visitors “Do You Remember The First Time?”

A Samhain Spectacular!

Nonny tells odd little cautionary tales – blogness here. There are various tea time tales:

The Sad Tale of Navy Cherry – Picturebook and text version here

The Treasure Hunt of Pyrite Tannin – Picturebook and Text version here

The Unwitting Tyrannies of Mistress Must and Mistress Should – Picturebook and text version here.

MenFolk, or: Mercy Coddled Meets the Menfolk, first seen at the XY exhibition, Birmingham, UK

For your very own copy of Tea Time Tales, with the first three stories visit the shop page

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