The Cantess

Step up and join the cant! The Cantess now has her own online home!


a site dedicated to the collection of folk tales, oral history, odd cures and interesting recipes, is currently in development. Keep checking back for more!

Starting life as part of the ‘Where’s Our Spake Gone?‘ Bursary, The Cantess is a continuation of my interest in traditional female powerful figures.

The Cantess was a response to the tradition of matriarchal figures who led group discussions, in the corners of kitchens and over the counters of shops, and acted as a form of wise woman, oracle, sooth-sayer and agony aunt for the community and led others in The Cant. The Cant was a long, meandering chat. Anybody who wanted could join the Cant for as long as they needed. It might be a minute. It might be an hour. All present would share in the Cant, which provided a social forum for all concerned.

The Cantess also appears at social gatherings, encouraging Wallflowers to engage with the festivities, leading sing-songs and ensuring those worse for wear are unable to find their car keys but are capable of finding an empty sofa and pint of water.

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Despite the original project being long since completed, The Cantess continues as a project in development.