More Than Human

More Than Human is the working title of an ongoing Arts Council England DYCP funded project looking at Human Remains in collections and how we relate to them in the modern age.

More Than Human focusses on venerating human remains (anonymous remains in particular) that currently exist within museum collections.

Many of these were originally medical specimens or found on archaeological sites, & are often of a working class origin – the source of bodies for medical science was frequently from the gallows or the workhouse.

As a working class artist I feel a kinship with these forgotten people, and claim them all as my ancestors. As such, I will venerate and show these remains the respect that they may not have experienced in life, empower them to be a force for change and hope to transform them from a contentious object wilfully lost in an archive to honoured dead, celebrated and remembered.

The project so far includes working with organisation and collections including Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery, the Alfred Denny Museum and New Art Gallery Walsall.

Do you know of a human derived object you think I should research? Then let me know using the form below: