I’m a Midlands based artist specialising in performance, fabricated mythologies and extrapolated tales. I use various mediums within my work, and find that one to one performance and uncanny soft sculpture are particularly effective in creating a slightly other-worldy yet entirely tangible basis for audiences to engage with. Much of my work, particularly the more performative side, is based within traditionally strong female characters such as the eccentric adventuress, the staunch pub landlady and the maiden aunt. Much of my work begins in response to found objects or spaces, and by finding the unique tales and stories related to them.

I’m particularly interested in the use of art to reimagine and reinvigorate familiar spaces – when selected for New Art West Midlands in 2015 this included the use of sock monkeys ranging from 50cm to 6 feet in height exploring gallery spaces, clambering on sculptures and inviting visitors to sit alongside them. This led to a successful crowdfunding campaign to make an eighteen foot tall Sock Monkey popularly known as ‘The Bullrider’. The giant poppet was eventually paraded around Birmingham by a crowd of volunteers and backers where it interacted with public artworks and sat astride the Bullrings Bronze Bull before being exhibited at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

Much of my work involves creating bubbles of alternate reality which audiences can directly interact with – mainly by having a performance construct they can talk to and challenge directly. The most enduring has been Nonny Warn, a character which began as a recreated memory of a wartime photograph of my grandmother. She has hosted events, held cabaret evenings complete with port, sugar skulls and trans-dimensional entertainments and bartered with audiences for portions of their soul. I have created other such characters for events, including ‘Mutha Pucker’ who hosted a saucy Village Fete style event called ‘Rude Food Fiesta’ for Companis,  Emilia Hyacinth Pengelly who directed visitors and organised shenanigans for the regular Warwick Bar Fete and The Cantess.

Portfolio 2009-2012 here

Portfolio 2013-present here

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