The Cunarders

The Cunarders is an examination of collage and investigation into the response of a disparate group of artists to the same source materials.


The source material in question is a 1969 brochure celebrating the launch of the brand new Cunard line ship, The QE2. This brochure includes tales of the original Cunarders and the origins of the Cunard line, descriptions and specifications of the brand new ‘Floating Resort’ and sister ship the Queen Mary, together with notes of congratulations and advertisments from companies who either helped to create the liner or were licenced to trade on it.

Nine artists have been invited to respond to the source material by choosing five sheets at random and then creating work, in any medium, based upon it. The only rule being that at  least one piece of work  must contain at least one original element from at least one of the five sheets.

Featuring new work by:

Alex Billingham
Paul Cicarella
Jana K. Cook
Sara Dobson
Lucy Harrington
Ian Messenger
Vicky Roden
Kate Spence
Ed Wakefield

The outcomes will be displayed at the WIG, 55 Great Tindall Street, Birmingham, from 6pm on Monday 31st March 2014

To see the Facebook event page click here

To view the original source material click here

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