Homunculus, a little man, sent to carry out its masters bidding. Like all men all are uniform yet unique, 420 cuts from the same cloth that will never quite match.

The Homunculus project began in Autumn 2009  – as part of an homage to Jack Kerouac’s seminal novel ‘On the Road’ I typed up some old notebooks on a fax roll, ending up with a scroll sixteen feet long. This was later exhibited as the centrepiece of the ‘Real Imaginary Friends!’ installation in early 2010, and was shown for a second time at ‘The Old Curiosity Shock’ exhibition later that year.

As a lot of the content of the scroll dealt with some difficult issues from my past I found myself simultaneously obsessively protective toward it and desperate to dispose of it. It had become something of an elephant in the room, as if I had captured the old demons and now needed to get rid of them for good. As the metaphor suggested, i finally decided the cut the scroll into ribbons, which would be mounted into badges, and then distributed to whomever wanted one.


If you’d like an homunculus of your very own then email vix@vickyroden.com to arrange postage or collection. Multiples are available for distribution.

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