Thirteen Monsters (2012)

An investigation into identity, and how we react to roles and the attributes suggested by names, Thirteen monsters consisted of creating words from a pool of letters derived from all my nicknames, pseudonyms and legal titles. The resulting words were drawn at random, and each pair became the name of a character, object or creature, as listed below:

Navy Cherry: A teasing fruit in a tale by Nonny Warn

Coney Mock: A cryptid, brought from a faraway land as an unsuccessful engagement gift (she would have preferred a Ruby)

Nonny Warn: A teller of tales, click here for more information

Stipplers Scry: A device for telling who and when

Hail Initiate: little is known of her, but her blindfold remains.

Droid Flivver: A girl-geek, a tech head, follow her online here

Pyrite Tannin: A tea-obsessed pirate, whose tale was told by Nonny Warn

Ms Roden’s Specially Selected Poppet Simians  2010 – Ongoing

An ongoing project using sock monkeys made to the pattern of a witches ‘poppet’, or voodoo doll. Each is hand sewn and individually embellished, and while like humans each has the same basic attributes each is entirely unique. Designed to be slightly sinister, each monkey is capable of developing its own tales and mythology and ultimately reflects the passions and personality of its owner. For more information on this project click here.

Homunculus (2011, distribution ongoing)

Homunculus, a little man, sent to carry out its masters bidding. Like all men all are uniform yet unique, 420 cuts from the same cloth that will never quite match. For more information on the Homunculus project click here

The Old Curiosity Shock

Curator and exhibitor

for more information on this project please visit curiosityshock.wordpress.com

Yardsale of the Garret: Flickermob on Tour

‘Psychology Homework’ 2010

Yardsale of the the Garret: Flickermob One

‘But what an if it were?’ 2010

Flickerbook of the Flickermob (photographs and edit)

Older Work

‘SkinFlick’, mixed media, 2010

Exhibited May 2010 at ‘The Permanent Way’, Walsall College

‘You Are Ten!’ Exhibited entry for the New Art Gallery Walsall ‘We Are Ten’ birthday card competition

Real Imaginary Friends! Installation, 2009-2010

Exhibited January 2010 at ‘Labour and Craftsmanship’, Custard Factory Gallery, Birmingham

Scroll & Suitcases 2009

Watered down acrylics on unfinshed, unstretched cotton

The Road – Frankentheuler influenced Splatter Drawing 2009

William D Drake, Wolves music video, 2009


One thought on “Portfolio

  1. Love the video and the scroll! Also this site reminded me that the artist who did the typing/weaving thing at the winter show was YOU!!

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